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life drawing from last Monday, i am having a real hard time with conté, but I will scrible and scratch the pesky little sticks until they do, what i think they do…


I really wanted to have a shirt that shows Twisted in a good light - so I can annoy even more people with it, when they look at my shirt and think: God, girl, are you like 10 years old? Wearing Comics on your chest? and I’ll just be hearing: Please, please tell me of the awesomeness that must lie behind this artwork.
Ah well, I wish. I will testrun the first batch now.
The tshirts will be on sale for 72 hours : )

and this is the store of my friend evawidermann, who inspired me to do this. Check out her Engel-Artwork - it still brings tears to my eyes!

As always, sharing is very appreciated!

I chickened out this monday on lifedrawing and did my sketches and the first pose in small formats. Subsequently, the next two 20-minute drawings where truly terrible and off. The lying one is ok though and a big format again.
I enjoy working on small formats SO MUCH MORE… one of the reason being that’s really easy to hide mistakes : X - and of course, its much more comfy to sit down with an A4 book on your lap than a huge drawing board.

This is 2 years old. I just found it on Monday in a sketchbook i hadn’t touched in a while. This was a life drawing session in Karakter Studio. I do not remember, how long the poor guy had to sit under burning lights in a tight gas mask… it was appreciated If i remember correctly, the poor guy had a full beard D: 
Got the proportions wrong on this one.


i picked up life drawing again. still a long, loooong way to go. or better not looooong, if i look at these limbs. but serously, this model was SO lanky - I hope we get him again. and the room is small. i sat just 2m away from him with a huge board on my legs - need to find better solution.

Book Cover 3 for Twisted


I am celebrating two things with this cover: 1) The start of Book 3 of Twisted! and 2) that Twisted already reached running costs on the Patreon-Page. You guys are awesome. Thank you!

Vilma Schrödinger: CharacterSheet

Thee “good guy” of the Twisted Comic Universe.




Stracciatella and Bananasplit! (-> blog)

I like that stracciatella mixture of sweet, vannialla-like cream and bitter chocolate. Banansplit usually with chocolate syrup. At first I planned to have her skirt dripping tasty syrup but that looked just like a clumsy waitres, which banana is obviously not!

I really enjoyed that challenge and the submissions so far! 


Today - a fancy animation for twisted. super-fancy. like probably… 10 frames and no run-circle whatsoever.


probably one of my favorite panels from this chapter ; )


its a tiny bit interactive: